A Social Initiative By PreBOO


Div-Aayra, a social initiative by PreBOO; is named after Divisha & Aayra, two angelic daughters of the Founders of PreBOO. Kushal & Sweta, always wanted to do something more for the needy and deserving students before the inception of PreBOO, but they never really pushed their idea into motion until PreBOO was born. With PreBOO they saw the opportunity to put their idea into action; to do what they always wanted to do; that is to help the needy and deserving children get the proper education and resources to study.

In todays time education is one of the major spaces which is getting pricier by the every passing day. Since there are so many kids in the villages who has to face lots of challenges to get a basic primary education and at times due to poor financial conditions many children has to give up on education at such a tender age. So with Div-Aayra initiative Kushal & Sweta will connect with schools situated in small and remote villages and create an ecosystem wherein children of such villages can learn from teachers from the schools from the big cities like Ahmedabad, Baroda, Surat, etc. They will be bringing the schools and teachers from the school they have on-board who are using their PreBOO App.

In a nutshell Div-Aayra will work as a bridge; connecting village students with teachers, mentors, coaches from a well established city. It will not only focus on creating an infrastructure for students and teachers to connect digitally but it will also distribute study materials, also provide guidance and assistance to the students who wants to pursue higher education outside the village.


Being parent themselves, Kushal & Sweta feels that this mission of theirs will be carried forward by their daughters with the same passion and integrity, when they are at the right age. It is a platform, a tool for their daughters to do something good for others.

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